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Introducing OncoPrimeTM

Our flagship product / service for accelerating drug discovery with the help of primary cells isolated from tumor tissue biopsy

Physiologically Relevant Platform

OncoprimeTM is a Phenotypic Drug Discovery platform with a full array of characterizations relevant to disease phenotype and vital for studying the drug response in native state

Phenotypic Drug Discovery Platform

The most efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive way to reposition your drugs

Accelerating Drug Discovery

In this post genomic era, disease models are better understood from multi-omics perspective

Optimization of research antibodies by IHC and IF in normal human skin

Optimization of Research Antbodies to Validate Biomarkers @Saarum: Example - Claudin-1 staining compared by IHC&IF in normal human skin

“Phenotypic Drug Discovery platform has truly revolutionized the approach to finding, developing and validating novel drug candidates

Meet Our Team

Our Team is committed to providing world class services to the Biotech & Pharma R&D clients

Our Research

We are proud to showcase our research capabilities

Accelerating Drug Discovery

Take advantage of our products and services to accelerate your drug discovery process

Our Services

Biobanking Services

We offer Biobanking as a service through our sister company – Sapien Biosciences, co-located within the hospital with direct access to patient samples

Phenotypic Drug Discovery Platforms

OncoPrimeTM – Our flagship PDD platform / product / service for accelerating your drug discovery efforts

Custom R&D Projects

We can provide customized R&D services such as target identification & validation by testing your hypotheses using our array of R&D cell culture platforms

Research Collaborations

Collaborate with us for all your research needs. We have proven track record for successful projects with both academia and industry

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