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Saarum Sciences | Our Team

Saarum Sciences is an amazing place to work at with a mixed culture of serious research work and relaxed work environment. We take pride in our work as we know that every small step towards understanding the disease biology is a major step forward towards drug development

At the core of our research philosophy, we are committed to the patients and every thing we do today will have a far reaching effect on patient lives someday. It maybe a new drug in the market or an early diagnostic kit for cancer or an innovative way to assess treatment outcomes and so on…

Collaboration is in our genes. We are always happy to work with R&D partners with similar interests. We can help you advance your science and take your ideas from “bench to bedside”



  • Molecular & cell biologist experienced in the use of primary human samples for target/biomarker validation, diagnostics & drug discovery
  • PhD in Genetics (Cambridge), post-doc immunology (Harvard), >25 years of exp across cancer, autoimmune, inflammation, neurology & diabetes.
  • Led biology teams through target discovery & IND filings for many molecules.
  • Extensive R&D leadership experience and proven track record of forging several successful R&D collaborations




  • R&D business professional with successful record of global R&D and business leadership across various domains & geographies
  • MSc Chemistry (BITS, Pilani) , MS Pharmacology (Virginia), >18 years of exp across diagnostics, drug discovery, clinical res, licensing & business dev.
  • Successful track record of P&L mgt, collaborations, licensing deals & alliances
  • Led & managed teams that have developed & registered several new medicines & global approvals