Human PBMC

Greetings from Saarum sciences!

Human PBMC’s  are physiologically relevant system for ex vivo and in vitro assay e.g. cytokine inhibition, ADCC or setting up co culture experiments.


Do you use Human PBMC’s for your research or someone whom you know does?

Get it at price lesser than cost of isolation with additional value.

Human PBMC, Frozen 10 million per vial @ INR  10,000/- Special Introductory Price. 

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Customize your order to identify active lots, only in one easy step:

  • Order few say 5-10 vials from multiple donors and screen them in your in house assay system. Identify lot which works for you best.
  • Done !!! now order multiple vials from selected lot(s) only.

Other healthy & patient derived primary cells available: