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Saarum Sciences | About Us

About Us

Saarum Sciences​ is a nascent biotech that has recently been incorporated with the vision of utilizing human tissues & cancer cells to better understand disease biology, develop novel biomarkers & diagnostics and discover novel drug targets & therapeutics that translate into better clinical successes​. It is a niche drug discovery enterprise that will leverage the synergistic application of cancer cells & human tissues for discovery & validation of novel disease targets and development of novel drugs​.​​

Saarum Sciences is founded by three scientist-entrepreneurs who have 60+ years of collective international experience in human​​ disease biology and drug discovery. Our laboratories are currently incubated at Indian Institute of Chemical Technologies, Hyderabad, India; and we are associated with Apollo Hospitals, the largest hospital network in India. Saarum is creating value by performing original independent research and development in addition to national and international collaborative R&D projects, and is currently focused on deriving experimental models based on oncology and diseases of the central nervous system, among others.

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