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Saarum Sciences | By Partner Type

By Partner Type

Our Partnership philosophy:

We leverage our extensive biobank collection & richly annotated patient data to collaboratively develop, validate & commercialize novel diagnostic tests, technologies & platforms with like-minded partners


  • Access samples for diagnostics (Dx) or therapeutics (Rx) development
  • Validate & commercialize your biomarker discovery
  • Partner with us to launch your Dx across one of India’s largest hospital network
  • Interested to leverage our expertise to utilize samples at your hospital or research organization

Industry Partners

OncoStemTM Diagnostics

OncoStem Diagnostics Pvt Ltd., is a Mauritius incorporation with subsidiaries in India and US.  It is founded by Cell Biology veteran with significant experience in US, Singapore and India in cancer biology & cancer drug discovery.  Of the many challenges in medicine, none has experienced more hard-fought progress than the treatment and cure of cancer. ‘Recurrence’ of cancer is still the single most feared feature of cancer by the patients and oncologists since it is often the cause of morbidity and mortality associated with the disease. Risk of recurrence can vary from cancer to cancer.  Accurate prediction of ‘risk of recurrence’ is one of the most important features required to plan optimum and effective treatment. At present, most cancer patients get surgery plus chemotherapy and radiation therapy to prevent cancer recurrence.  These treatments are very generic, have severe side effects which reduce quality of life of patients. Finding targeted drugs (e.g. Gleevec, Herceptin) to prevent recurrence is the need of the hour. OncoStem is focussing on these two main issues viz predicting risk of recurrence and developing new targeted drugs to alleviate pain of cancer patients through improved diagnostics.  OncoStem is developing novel diagnostic tests which will predict ‘risk of recurrence’ and prescribe targeted drugs to prevent cancer recurrence.  Our first focus is breast cancer.

CEO: Manjiri Bakre


We have partnered with OncoStemTM Diagnostics towards developing a Breast cancer recurrence diagnostics.

  • This test will be valuable for planning of effective treatment and avoid excessive chemotherapy / radiotherapy associated with severe side effects and prescribing new targeted drugs as required to make therapy more effective.
  • We are collaborating with them to provide retrospective FFPE patient samples for up to ~2000 patients who were diagnosed with Stage 1, 2 & 3A breast cancer.
  • Associated medical data for up to 5 years from the time of diagnosis will also be made available.
  • Once the test is validated, Sapien will work with the company to commercialize this test across the Apollo network so that patients can be benefited.