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Saarum Sciences | OncoPrime



OncoPrimeTM uses diseased cells isolated from clinical biopsies / resected tumor samples in our laboratory for setting up drug screening assays.

  • The cells are well characterized including morphology, cell surface markers and mutation profile.
  • Functional assays like migration, invasion, sphere forming assays etc. can be performed.
  • We also have access to and culture adjacent non-malignant control sample where available.
  • Normal healthy samples are also available from cosmetic surgeries e.g., breast, skin etc.

Cancer Hallmarks that we can target for follow-up mechanism of action studies

Saarum Sciences is well equipped with resources and equipment required for any mechanism of action (MOA) assays to be performed using these precious diseased / healthy primary cells. We can dissect mechanism of action using various technology platforms available with us.

Cancer Hallmarks**

  • Sustaining proliferative signaling
  • Evading growth suppressors
  • Avoiding immune destruction
  • Enabling replcative immortality
  • Tumor promoting inflammation
  • Activating invasion & metastasis
  • Inducing angiogenesis
  • Genome instability & mutations
  • Resisting cell death
  • Deregulating cellular energetics

**Adapted from Hanahan D., Weinberg R.A. Cell. 2011

Advantages of OncoPrimeTM

  • Primary cell panels derived from patient samples for various tumor types*
  • Short term cultures retaining clinically relevant features of the disease including heterogeneity, proliferation rate and gene expression profiles
  • Provides for clinical variability
    • Genotypic diversity
    • Different disease stages spanning pre-cancerous, benign lesions to metastatic cancer
  • Well characterized for driver mutations relevant to patient population
  • Associated medical records of the patient for additional information