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Saarum Sciences | Research


We are open for research collaborations from both academia and industry

Potential Synergies & Collaborative Opportunities

Collaborative Objectives Short-Term (Quick wins in service mode) Mid/Long-Term (Shared-risk Mode)
Screening opportunities Screening & profiling of Pharma NCE hits/leads in primary cells & co-cultures (2D, 3D etc.,) Generation of customized libraries of “phenotypically active” molecules/fragments using primary cell-based models
Translational Paradigms Mechanistic profiling of hits/leads in primary cells & co-culturesDerivation/optimization of primary tumors for mouse xenograft studies Profiling leads/hits in Saarum’s EMT model & derivativesCo-development of other phenotypic models

Generation of CSCs/CTC paradigms for screening & profiling hits/leads

Target/Biomarker ID & Validation Biomarker/Target ID & validation in FFPE & Fresh samples Development of novel/custom paradigms using primary cells for biomarker/Target ID & validation
Collaboratively mine Sapien’s sample sets for diagnostic markers
Toxicology Platforms Safety screening of hits/leads in specific primary cell types (ES/MSCs, PBMCs etc.) Co-development & integration of ES/iPS-derived liver/cardiac/neuro tox paradigms into the NCE/NBE discovery workflow.
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