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Saarum Sciences | Type of Samples

Type of Samples



“Introductory offer for our Primary human keratinocytes – Adult & Neonatal from Indian origin”
0.5 Million cells @ INR 30,000/- only for August 2016

Also buy PBMCs >10 million @ INR 8550/- per vial !!!


Find Over 50000+ Patient Samples Here

S.No. Type of Samples Patient Healthy (matched)
1 FFPE | TMA Yes Yes
2 Biopsy Sample (Fresh / Frozen) Yes No
4 Whole Blood, Serum and Plasma Yes Yes
5 PBMCs (fresh/ frozen) Yes Yes
6 PBMCs – Blood malignancies, leukemias/ lymphomas Yes Yes
7 PBMC from Non oncology – COPD / RA / Psoriasis etc. Yes Yes
8 Other blood cells (Neutrophils / NK cells/ any specific CD population)– Blood malignancies Yes Yes
9 Human Skin (Ex-Vivo culture) No Yes
10 Human Skin (DNA/ RNA/ Protein) Yes Yes
11 Human Primary Keratinocyte (adult/neonatal) No Yes
12 Human Primary Fibroblast (adult/neonatal) No Yes
13 Patient Derived Primary Cancer Cells Yes Yes
14 Glioma cancer cells – adapted for 2D & 3D cultures Yes No
15 Human Primary Adipocytes Coming soon
16 Human Primary Melanocyte Coming soon
Other patient derived cell types/samples – Pls ask. We take custom projects to source samples and set-up isolation procedures as per client’s requirements. 
  For further information please contact info@saarum.com or call us at +91- 99859 25652