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Saarum Sciences | Our PDD Platforms

OncoPrime - Phenotypic Drug Discovery Platform

Do you really know what cells you are working with ? Recent studies suggest that only 40% of established cell lines are useful for drug discovery. Historically most drugs were discovered by phenotypic screens only Primary cell based phenotypic screening is the way to go...

What can be a better model than diseased cells…
When that’s what we intend to treat

OncoPrimeTM Platform can help you to
  • Screen new chemical or biological entities for optimal efficacy
  • Systematically screen cancers prevalent in India against a ‘pill box’
  • Repurpose drugs / combinations to derive novel IP and get to market faster
  • Investigate unique tumor characteristics of Indian patients by gene profiling
  • Generate patient response data by combining in vitro assays with clinical outcomes
OncoPrimeTM can be used in multitude of ways…
  • Primary cell phenotypic screening assays for phenotypic drug discovery (PDD)
  • Disease modeling & MoA studies using normal and diseased primary cells, CSCs/CTCs, hESCs/iPSCs etc
  • Novel disease models engineered from primary cells (EMT/MET – available; others in pipeline)
  • Toxicology assessment using hESCs and hiPSCs Fresh tissues available across variety of indications & pathologies; Oncology, CNS, CVS, hematology, immunology, dermatology etc
  • FFPE tissue collection for retrospective studies e.g. disease recurrence
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