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Saarum Sciences | Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Business Model

At Saarum we possess the expertise to model control and diseased tissues using primary cultures and stem cells. These cultures will be of human origin, and will be created from human tissues which are routinely discarded from hospitals. In order to facilitate this tissue access we have established a Biobank with our sister concern Sapien Biosciences through which we can access human tissues and the anonymized patient data associated with the tissues.

Saarum and Sapien are both affiliated with the largest hospital network in India, Apollo Hospitals. Our capabilities extend the entire drug discovery and development pipeline with the strategic partnerships that we have established with Apollo.


Saarum will contribute to Indian research & medicine and cater to global Pharma / Biotech R&D. Saarum has been established as a hybrid business where we will perform high-end biology based services, and risk-sharing collaborative R&D projects with Biotech and Pharma partners. In addition we have also initiated in house discovery programs where we intend to perform innovative research spanning the drug development and pre-clinical disciplines, and develop in-house intellectual property and license out successful candidates. Since there is a high unmet need for the development of sophisticated biology-based technologies and international pressure to decrease the cost of drug discovery, we believe we have a viable hybrid-mode-business model. In addition to offering insights into Indian genotypes, and we are in a position to leverage the increasing outsourcing and collaborative business which India is attracting.


Saarum Sciences​ is a nascent biotech that has recently been incorporated with the vision of utilizing human tissues & stem cells to better understand disease biology, develop novel biomarkers & diagnostics and discover novel drug targets & therapeutics that translate into better clinical success​​. It is a niche drug discovery enterprise that will leverage the synergistic application of stem cells & human tissues for discovery & validation of novel disease targets and development of novel drugs​.​​

Saarum Sciences was founded by three scientist-entrepreneurs who have 60+ years of collective international experience in human​​ disease biology and drug discovery. Our laboratories were originally incubated at Indian Institute of Chemical Technologies (IICT, CSIR Institute), Hyderabad and recently relocated to Apollo Health City Campus in Hyderabad.

Saarum is creating value by performing original independent research and development in addition to national and international collaborative R&D projects, and is currently focused on deriving experimental models based on oncology and diseases of the central nervous system, among others.

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We are actively involved in high impact research projects with several R&D partners. Our innovative pheotypic drug discovery platforms enable fast track target discovery & biomarker research